Inspiration for your home bathroom remodeling project


Often times when we go to remodel a bathroom, the homeowner has a general idea of what they want but aren’t quite sure how to bring it together, and make it the dream bathroom they always wanted.

In this post, we are featuring a bathroom remodel that we did on a home built in 1959. As you can imagine, the home is very old and outdated. The homeowner wanted a modern and updated look, and had some ideas but wanted V’s Home Improvement to help bring the vision into reality.

The Bathroom Before Pictures

Here you can see the 1959 rambler bathroom as it was before we upgraded it. It had a green heavily dominated look to it, with a green sink, green tiles on the floor, walls, and the shower. The shower itself was old and prone to soap deposits on the glass hazing over which was hard to clean. There was very little storage as the area under the sink was under utilized. In addition, if you notice there was an old sliding plastic window above the shower which was used for ventilation back before bathroom fans were more commonly used.

The Bathroom Demo & Remodel

The remodeling had to start with a demo of the entire bathroom. All of the amenities, walls, lights, everything was taken out to start new down to the studs. Which by the way, we are glad that we did. During the demo process, we found that some of the plumbing needed to be replaced as the old metal pipe was severely clogged and needed all new PVC and copper pipes. We also replumbed the shower and toilet.

In addition, the wall where the window is was not insulated, so we added proper insulation to help keep the bathroom warm during the winter. An electrical outlet was added too so that the homeowner could use their hair dryer and other accessories in the bathroom.

Also, as a nice touch we offer to all our clients who have kids, we added a time capsule! As you can see in the last picture, the homeowner and their children added items to a small container that could fit inside the wall which we added for them. It’s a fun thing to do that involves the family to make it a more of an enjoyable experience.

The Bathroom After Remodel Pictures

The homeowner wanted a modern Mediterranean look to the bathroom, where we added all new tiles, sink with added cabinet space for storage, a new bigger mirror, lights, and entirely new modern and clean shower that isn’t beveled for easier cleaning. The new shower has a bar added next to the toilet for towels.

The sliding window above the bathroom was covered, with a new light and fan combo was added for proper exhaust. The tiles were picked out by the homeowner which we installed, and new shelving was added above the toilet for the clean functional look that they wanted.

If you’re interested in remodeling your home bathroom, or any other part of your house, please contact V’s Home Improvement for a free estimate. We are located in Hagerstown, Maryland and are MHIC licensed. We currently service Frederick County, Washington County, and Montgomery County including some surrounding areas in Maryland.