COVID-19: How we are able to continue full operations while keeping both our customers and workers safe


The 2020 year has been a hard year on many of us, including our small business. However, we wanted to post some information about us and how we are dealing with COVID-19 and are still able to fully service our customers and keep running our business in this environment.


First we’d like to express our thanks to all of our customers who have continued working with us through this pandemic. We have taken this seriously and are doing everything we can to keep our customers safe while also keeping our workers safe.

Being that we are in the home construction and improvement business, safety has and will always be one of the pillars of our company. As a part of that, and with the State of Maryland back to business best practices, here are a few ways we are all able to stay safe while remaining open for business during COVID-19:

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

When we are doing work indoors on a job site, we come prepared with disposable coverall suits, shoe coverings, gloves, and of course face masks. When doing outdoor jobs, we still wear masks but may not need to have a full suit or shoe coverings on.

Social Distancing

When in your home, we keep our distance, at least the 6 feet recommended and if not more. We do our best to limit contact and we can discuss also via phone or email to customers who need more information but want to remain distant.


We monitor all of our workers to make sure they are doing what they need to do to stay safe and keep our customers safe. In addition if they are not feeling well or think they have in any way been exposed, they are not allowed to work for 14 days and will take a test to see if they are cleared for work.


In addition to Maryland’s best practices, we also just practice common sense. If we feel the risk is too high for either the customer or our workers for a particular project, we’ll just wait until the time is better or not do the job. We can also accommodate any customer that has particular needs, just ask us and we can work with you on whatever you need from us to get the job done safely.

Safety is paramount for us and we will always do our best to provide the highest quality service for our customers. If you have a home improvement project in Maryland, or need to contact us for any reason, please get in touch with us here.