Home projects for your exterior like landscaping, decks, patios and fencing


Making sure the inside of your home is up to par is extremely important since you are living in your home. But often times people neglect their exterior of their home. You can update the outside of your house in various ways. From exterior painting, to landscaping, there are many ways to improve the way your house looks from the outside.

Updating the exterior of your home also adds value and curb appeal. You can update the exterior by doing landscaping, from adding bushes and flowers, to trees and shrubs to beef up how your home looks. You can also add a patio or deck, and an outside seating area to make your home during the warmer months more enjoyable.

It’s not always cosmetic, as there are other benefits to updating the exterior of your home. You can add new lighting to help with security, fencing, gates, and so on. You can also increase privacy with more trees and bushes, or by installing privacy panels.

V’s Home Improvement has over 15 years of experience doing home renovation and remodeling in Maryland, including exterior upgrades to your home.

Below are just a few examples of exterior contract jobs we have done. Most of our jobs include refurbishing the exterior, fixing landscaping, adding new plants, painting, and other upgrades. Please contact us today for a free estimate or if you have any questions about your home improvement project.