Painting for residences and commercial buildings and properties


Home improvement is more than just fixing broken leaks or upgrading kitchen. Many go-to projects are painting projects to liven up your residence, make it look cleaner, modern, and give it a face lift. There are many benefits to this, for example when you are selling your home a simple painting project can increase the entire value of your house.

There are several kinds of real estates, from residences, multi-family, industrial, retail, businesses, to commercial buildings, if you need new painting done, V’s Home Improvement is able to do it.

V’s Home Improvement has over 15 years of experience doing home renovation and remodeling in Maryland, including painting interior and exterior homes and properties.

Below are just a few examples of contract painting jobs we have done. Most of our jobs include painting plus other upgrades like new drywall, framing, floors, windows, and more. Please contact us today for a free estimate or if you have any questions about your home improvement project.